We run groups where LGBT people can share their experiences, problems and stories. People can chat, best dating sites, play games Jenni Miller, have a cup of tea or coffee or sit quietly.

John can go all week not really talking to anyone. Coming to a group where other LGBT people want to hear about him, and where he can get to know them, has helped his confidence no end.

Come and talk to us about any concerns you have, we will help you find out what you need to know and help you one night stand hookup app for gay people plan what you want to do.

Bill was shocked when his psychiatrist told him that a bit of cruising was all he needed to solve his relationship problems at find a fuck. He’d like to see a more understanding professional, Mind helped him sort that out.

Jill can’t talk to her friends about bingeing and how ashamed she is. It was a relief to talk to a Mind worker and discuss the things she could do.

We provide LGBT awareness training for mental health service providers, working to improve the quality of local services.